Third Year Problems

Hello again me, what is it we are talking about today?

University, jobs, the future. I have a lot of doom and gloom in my head at the moment. If I talk things through with my favourite interviewer then I may feel more positive about life, and may find some words of wisdom.

Urgh, haven’t we had this discussion before? I’m sure we talked about your inability to even try to get a job and thhe uncertainty of what to do in the future before?

We sort of did, but not properly. So we’ll do it again. 

Pfft fine, but quickly because I’m a celebrity get me out of here is on in a bit…

Suits me

So. Why are you feeling gloomy? Or is it glum? 

It doesn’t matter what the word is, I understand what you mean. Basically, I have no future plans. I graduate next summer, I have no idea what I want to do. I have no prospects lined up. I resent the idea of leaving without a plan. And I currently lack a lot of motivation with my work. I should be getting through the pile of work I have to do for this week. Instead, I am sitting here talking to myself about the pile of work I should be doing…

Well, surely graduating with a good degree serves as some incentive?

Everyone says that. Thing is, I don’t know what I am working towards in the long run. Therefore, what good will this serve me? I don’t have an employer banging on at me saying ‘YOU MUST GET A 2:1 OR WE WON’T ACCEPT YOU AND YOU WILL BE DOOMED TO THE PITS OF HELL FOREVER’. It’s only really pride. Not that that is a bad thing I guess.

Even so, a good degree will give you a better chance in life to get…

…’a good job’. I know. But will it make me any happier than some of the people who haven’t got a good degree? Or a job that they desired? Or the ones who aren’t currently spending their time living in the library, reading book after book in the hope that at least one of the pages will say something useful that can go into an essay?

This is irrelevant. I understand. There are people who don’t do well and still live happily and manage fine financially. But we have gone well off the point. Okay, so you have no job lined up. Have you thought about a studying for a Masters?

Yes. I thought about it. Then I stopped thinking about it. No. More. Studying. I’m bored of it. I’ve been in education for the last 17 years. No more!

Alright, alright. A simple no would have sufficed. Be honest, what do you want to do when you leave university?

Nothing. Well, travel a bit, but ONLY in the break between the football seasons. And I only want to travel because I want to see some more of the world. And shamefully because it will make my Tweets and Instagram more interesting. (*I genuinely am ashamed about that reason*) But I need money. So essentially I want to earn  money. 

Doesn’t everyone?

Not helpful.

Sorry. This is a depressing conversation isn’t it? What about uni life in general, are you stressed about that?

I’m stressed that I have a lot of work and little time. Then annoyed that the little time is mainly because of my ability to waste time by doing pointless things or procrastinating. My socks are all matched and ordered neatly though…And I’m sad that it is nearly over. I’m sad I have to leave this bubble of independence, this world that is not quite school but not quite real life. It will be a wrench to leave my friends here and the lifestyle, barring the work.

That’s sweet. Although, we both know what you are saying is that it will be a wrench to see your student discount card expire and have to pay full price for things when shopping.

Brutally honest, but yes. I admit that is one of the biggest things I will miss.

So, to sum up (I said it would be a quick discussion): you don’t want to leave university. You are fed up of studying and effectively going through the motions because you have no idea what career you want, what job you would like to tide you over or even where to start because for once you are on your own. You don’t have teachers telling you what the next step is like you did at school. You have a university telling you to get a graduate scheme/ do a masters so it looks good for their statistics. 

Wait, I never said any of those last comments. They are true though. How did you know?

You and I think very alike. Funny that given we are the same person.

Oh yeah…

And that is why I cannot help you. Your problems are my problems. All I have done is written them out in a more coherent paragraph.

So this has been a waste of my time then?

No. You needed to get it off your chest. It is bad to bottle things up. Besides, somebody somewhere may read this and feel in the same boat. Your desire to spread your misery with the world may serve as reassurance to some. People may even have words of encouragement or advice.

I suppose so. Thanks. I’m a Celebrity time now?

It sure is. This discussion must stop. I’m not letting your pessimism and misery get in the way of watching Kian.

Agreed and understood. 

(I’m a miserable blogger….get me out of here!)








2 thoughts on “Third Year Problems

  1. I feel your pain! Something that always helps me is remembering that your time spent in university isn’t only about preparing for the future- you live in the present, too. And university is like an entire community- you can live a big life in a world on a smaller scale with extra curricula’s and being social outside of class. Best of luck!

    • Thank you for reading and for those supportive words.
      I realise I didn’t mention about something I said in a discussion with my friend about univeristy this week that it is as much about the life skills, friends and experiences that you pick up as it is about the grade in my opinion.
      It is a bubble though. Not looking forward to the ‘real world’!
      Best of luck to you too!

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