Starting again. Again

It is only fair that to start up another blog site I actually write blog posts for it, as opposed to just lazily exporting a file from my other page. So here I conduct my first interview with me about why I am giving this blogging malarkey another attempt. 

So, yet again, you have started up another blog site.

I know what you are thinking, that this is just a fad, I’ll write a bit and then get bored and stop.

How did you guess?

Because I am and you and you are me remember. That is this blog’s entire point! And because, well, it is an honest assessment of how my previous blog experience has gone.

Well, the first way of preventing that from happening again is to figure out why it is you stopped before. Why was that?

I got a bit bored. The blogs lacked a theme and were done on the spur of the moment rather than overly planned. Nothing at all wrong with that, the approach works for some but not for me. I couldn’t keep coming up with ideas. There became fewer spur of the moments. Hang on… you are me, shouldn’t you already know this, why are you asking?

Because there is a chance that in this big, wide world, someone who isn’t you/us will read this and be curious. They may even have had the same troubles. Sharing your experience may well help so go on, continue…

Fine. I suppose I also stopped because I am a student studying a coursework based subject. I spend a lot of time reading and writing that to then find time to write posts for fun was difficult. They take a while you know, the editing, the spell checking etc. I started to write for the sake of other people too, what I thought others would want to read. It made it less fun. I kept putting it off. I turned it into a chore.

Okay, I get it. Well, let’s ask a different angle, your very first blog post. The last time, not this one. Why did you write it?

I like writing. I liked reading people’s blogs. So many different ways of writing. I wanted to have a go myself, see if I’m any good at it and see if people enjoyed it.

Do you care if people enjoy it?

Obviously. Actually, it used to be the main focus for me but now that has changed somewhat. For me it is about me enjoying writing it. Of course, I don’t want people to hate it or be bored by it, but I’m not at the level really where I have an established audience to entertain. I want people to read it, I want people to like it. If people enjoy it then that is a bonus that does really mean a lot to me. For now, however, it is about expressing myself, and writing for my personal enjoyment also, rather than for the sake of others.

Okay, so why start blogging again (again)?

In truth, I missed writing blog posts. I missed the enjoyment I get when writing for my own purpose. But the themeless nature I had before made it hard. I needed to come up with a structure. Besides, these interviews are really fun. I really enjoy them. I’ve already written in the ‘About me’ section why I enjoy them so please don’t ask me to repeat that.

But the people reading won’t…

The people reading are more than capable of clicking a hyperlink. (*Not to be rude to the readers but it isn’t hard*)

Fine, for what it is worth I enjoy them too. But I would. I am the same person. I take it I am your favourite person to do an interview with then?

Goes without saying. I can’t think of anyone in the world better to talk to. Well, I can, but Phil Neville is a busy man… so you’ll/ I’ll just have to do!